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Join the Homeopathy for Holistic Healing Facebook Group for Abby’s live and recorded broadcasts about homeopathy.  Abby is featuring occasional Facebook Live talks on topics of interest including the 33 remedies found in the Boiron HomeoFamily kit.

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Here is a list of the remedies in the Boiron Family Kit, along with the very briefest indication (as required of the manufacturer by law) of what benefit it might have.

In each talk Abby will tell you more useful and fun information about what the remedy is made of, when and how you might use it, and compare it with other remedies that are similar.

Abby will be starting with Allium cepa, number 1 on the list, on July 8, 2021 and working her way through the list.  The schedule of Facebook Live talks will be somewhat random.  Abby will announce each one as they are scheduled.  See upcoming events for future talks and look in the past posts and the “Guides” section for recordings of past talks.

Questions are always welcome regarding any of the remedies, regardless of when they will be covered.  Feel free to ask Abby questions by emailing her at

  1. Allium Cepa (30C) – Runny nose.
  2. Antimonium Tartaricum (30C) – Wet cough.
  3. Apis Mellifica (30C) – Swelling from insect bites or allergies.
  4. Arnica Montana (30C) – Trauma and bruises.
  5. Arsenicum Album (30C) – Travelers diarrhea.
  6. Belladonna (30C) – High Fever.
  7. Bryonia Alba (30C) – Muscle and joint pains.
  8. Calcarea Carbonica (30C) – Cradle cap.
  9. Chamomilla (30C) – Teething pain with irritability.
  10. Cinchona Officinalis (30C) – Diarrhea with gas and bloating.
  11. Colocynthis (30C) – Abdominal cramps improved by bending over.
  12. Drosera Rotundifolia (30C) – Spasmodic dry cough.
  13. Dulcamara (30C) – Joint pain triggered and worsened by damp weather.
  14. Eupatorium Perfoliatum (30C) – Stiffness and bone pain associated with flu.
  15. Ferrum Phosphoricum (30C). – Low or mild fever.
  16. Gelsemium Sempervirens (30C) – Stage fright, apprehension.
  17. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (30C) – Painful and hoarse dry cough.
  18. Hypericum Perforatum (30C) – Nerve Pain.
  19. Ignatia Amara (30C) – Nervousness, hypersensitivity due to everyday stress.
  20. Ipecacuanha (30C) – Nausea and vomiting with hypersalivation.
  21. Kali Bichromicum (30C) – Colds with thick nasal discharge.
  22. Lachesis Mutus (30C) – Hot flashes associated with menopause.
  23. Ledum Palustre (30C) – Insect bites.
  24. Magnesia Phosphorica (30C) – Sudden sharp menstrual and abdominal cramps.
  25. Mercurius Solubilis (30C) – Sore throat with offensive breath and excessive salivation.
  26. Natrum Muriaticum (30C) – Runny nose alternating with nasal dryness.
  27. Nux Vomica (30C) – Heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking.
  28. Pulsatilla (30C) – Colds with thick, yellow, non-irritating nasal discharge.
  29. Rhus Toxicodendron (30C) – Joint pain improved by motion.
  30. Sepia (30C) – Mood swings.
  31. Silicea (30C) – Fatigue and irritability due to overwork.
  32. Spongia Tosta (30C) – Croupy cough.
  33. Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extractum (200CK). This remedy is more commonly known by its brand name Oscillococcinum – Symptoms of flu.


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Homeopathy is the 2nd most used form of healthcare worldwide.  So many people are getting the help they need from homeopathic remedies.  The right remedy is individually chosen to fit you and your particular health situation.  It then works to stimulate your natural healing abilities.