Sara C and Family

Our family is so grateful to have Abby as our homeopath. She works hard to find the correct remedy to help with every situation we have encountered and it’s obvious she really cares about us and our health.

Most recently, I had an issue with my ear where it was painful to even chew. After messaging with Abby and a couple of failed remedies I was ready to give up. Thankfully, Abby wasn’t and she suggested a third remedy which worked and my ear was back to normal the next day. I was able to avoid harsh medications thanks to homeopathy and working with Abby.

— Sara C.


George Constantine’s Story

When I was 14 years old I had very bad acne, with large, red, hard nodules on the side of my face, near my side burns, and on the bridge of my nose. My mother Ethel also suffered with acne very badly until she was sixteen years old when her aunt put sulphur on the wounds, I assume in some sort of dilution, and the acne disappeared. Interestingly, I later realized that my mother’s likely homeopathic constitutional remedy was sulphur.

My mother, who had experienced this miracle cure of her acne, and had been reading health magazines in the ‘70’s when not too many other people in my hometown of Virginia Beach were doing such things, was nevertheless still under the thrall of conventional medicine.

So when my acne got as bad as hers had been, she didn’t do what her aunt did with the home remedy. Instead, in a very compassionate act she spent money she didn’t have and took me to my first dermatologist. I remember asking my mother to do this, in fact, begging her. I remember feeling so loved by her because she was going to get me the healing I needed. The doctors, while well meaning, let both of us down.

This started a ten-year-long journey with at least four different skin doctors who lanced and shot cortisone in my painful acne. Even worse, they put me on ten years of an ever shifting, extremely potent assortment of antibiotics. At the end of this time I took the dangerous, yet effective drug Accutane, and my acne went away …only to be followed by something far worse.

For another six or seven years I was chronically sick. I ballooned up to 335 pounds. I had yearly bouts with sinusitis and bronchitis with fevers as high as 104° that went on for days. I had horrible sciatica pain, and debilitating back pain that would, several times a year, knock me off my feet for a week. I had acid reflux that led me to have frequent food impactions. Eventually one Thanksgiving night when I got turkey stuck in my throat I had emergency surgery. I could not eat solids for two weeks then I got to have the real surgery and go on Prilosec full time.

I continued to have food impactions, nonetheless. I had such sinus issues that I had two sinus surgeries. I said to myself, oh well, I guess the first one didn’t take.

All of this happened while I was in my late twenties and early thirties which should have been the healthiest time of my life.

After the second surgery for sinus problems I saw my first homeopath. I wasn’t looking for a homeopath. I had started reading about naturopathic medicine and had gone to a naturopath twice and had paid a lot of money for her services. She was good, but I wanted someone closer to my home and found another naturopath, one who primarily did homeopathy. This was in 1996. I knew nothing about homeopathy. In fact I knew so little that I had not realized the flu remedy that the health food store people had suggested some months before, right as I was about to compete in a ballroom dance competition, was homeopathic. A fellow dancer got sick and didn’t attend. I got well and did.

From 1996 to 2014 I was seen by my homeopath about once a month. It was an amazing experience. My acne never came back. I had this experience of the smoke that I had inhaled second hand from my mother’s having smoked leaving my body.   I had tremendous emotional releases where I forgave my mother for trauma and healed my relationship with her. The back pain and acid reflux went away. Many of what a lot of people would think of as miracle cures happened for me over this 18 year period.

In 2007 my wife Abby started the study of homeopathy. At one point I had considered studying it myself. I was very cocky, thinking I could master it in a short period of time. I did not follow up on this because I was pursing my true talents in music and writing. As I have watched Abby grow into the world class healer she is now, I realize just how much work was involved in this process, even for someone like her, who had a deep and life long background in academics and metaphysical studies.

It took her years and years of studying many homeopathic books, taking classes, getting clinical experience, passing a rigorous board exam that took nearly 8 months of 50 hour a week study, and this after eight years of consistent study.

Now I realize not only what a homeopath can do to heal people, but also what level of consistent and long term sacrifice is necessary to be a competent practitioner of this art.

Now yes, this is my wife I am talking about, but please bear with me because I am going to tell you in as factual a way as possible, without any exaggeration, what she has done for me in just the last two years with homeopathy.

In those 18 years of seeing a very qualified homeopath, I had only a handful of major breakthrough experiences. In the last two and a half years Abby has gotten me radical breakthroughs in all of the following areas:

  • I started having hamstring pain when driving. First it was from driving long distances, but then the pain started occurring after shorter and shorter periods. It only happened when I drove or was being driven in a car. After a year and a half, it got so bad that sometimes I could not drive for 20 minutes without cramping pain that was so intense that one time it nearly made me unconscious in my car on the road. Anyone but me would have rushed off to a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon. If I had not been working from home, or had lived alone I would have been completely disabled by this pain. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. After a few tries Abby found the right remedy. Soon the pain lessened and then it went away. I had to take a few refresher doses of the remedy when driving sixteen hours to Toronto, but on the way back I do not recall taking one dose. Now, a year or so after this pain was at its worst, it is never an issue for me. I feel no pain, ever.
  • I lost my father in 2011 and my mother in 2013. But in 2017 the grief hit me in a way that I was not prepared for. I have had some normal depression after breakups, deaths, or the loss of connection with friends when a friend or I moved away from each other, but nothing like this depression. I could not force my body up from the sofa. I remember thinking, I soooo want to get up, but I physically cannot. This was very scary for me. It lasted about a week because within two or three tries Abby got me the right remedy, and literally within 30 seconds of taking it, the grief was lifted and I could enjoy life again. I only took this remedy a few times, and since then not at all.
  • I have had nose bleeds in my left nostril nearly all my life, even after sinus surgery. I started having those bleeds again, with some strange bloody platelets. This was scary. Abby got me the right remedy, and in a few hours all the nosebleeds went away. I could feel my nose healing from a life time of these issues.
  • I let a doctor talk me into a tetanus shot after I’d suffered a serious cut, and after 30 years of not taking any vaccines. Suddenly whenever there was a storm with lighting I had shooting pains throughout my body, bolting me up out of bed. The pain associated with it was nine on a scale of a ten. Abby quickly got me the right remedy and after a few doses the pain went away forever.
  • I have struggled with weight loss. A couple of remedies did a few different things. One drastically took away my cravings for bad foods, not 100%, but a drastic improvement. Another helped me unlock many hidden emotions about my father and how that related to my weight and my career. The weight loss is slowly moving forward again.

All of this has happened in just the last 3 years. If you think I get special treatment as the husband, I don’t. In fact I, as a long time user of homeopathy, often am conceited to think that a few scribbles I put on a piece of paper about a symptom is enough. Then Abby makes me sit, and talk, and dig. Then she digs. Abby will spend a minimum of two more hours of research, and an average of four more hours. I have seen her spend twelve hours of research for just one remedy recommendation.

That is why, in my mind, she often gets big breakthroughs, like the ones I described I’ve had, quickly.

In 18 years of going to a very great homeopath, who for the most part only spent the one hour on your case, I had five or six miracle breakthroughs — the kind that would make believers of almost anyone. But Abby got me five breakthroughs in just the last three years.

Any one of these issues would have sent anyone who didn’t really understand the power of homeopathy to a doctor and/or psychotherapist, and would have cost thousands of dollars for mediocre results.

— George Constantine.